Managed Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud
Holding Microsoft Certified Azure Developer qualifications, we are trained to design, deliver and support solutions designed for Microsoft's Cloud, Azure. Cloud is no longer solely an enterprise option. It's now the de facto option for all businesses small or large, new or old. Whatever your requirements, chances are they can not only be satisified by a cloud solution but that it'll provide performance and reliability far beyond an on-premise solution at drastically reduced cost.
We are a microsoft partner
We're a registered Microsoft Partner and that gives us early access to the plethora of Microsoft products constantly arriving in our technology stack. It also means we are backed by Microsoft's global support network and Service Level Agreements (SLA) meaning we can provide enterprise level solutions backed by a world leading brand.
Microsoft Office 365
Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud based Office provisioning. As Microsoft move towards a subscription model for their key Office products, they are also introducing much needed cloud-based offerings attached to Office. You may be looking to migrate to Office 365 or you may already have done so, in which case, you already have an Azure account!

Software Consultancy Services

If you have your own in-house development team but are looking for some guidance in getting to grips with Azure, contact us to see if we can help.

Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps
If you're still manually deploying your releases, you might want to consider the benefits of Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to drastically improve your code quality, enable release automation and allow rollback procedures to revolutionise the way you launch your code to production. Trained in Azure Dev Ops, once you have converted your projects to CI/CD you'll wonder why you didn't take the leap earlier!


Heard the word but not sure what it is or if it applies to you? In a nutshell, Microservices are all about decomposing your backend services into a completely decoupled architecture, and then connecting those services through event or message driven protocols such as Rabbit MQ, a Service Bus, Event hub or other event bindings. This then allows you to scale out where you find bottlenecks, minimise the impact of regression testing, augment your solution with ease and take advantage of update and fault domains to minimise downtime.

Code Development

c sharp code
With over 8 years of consultancy experience and more than 17 years of software development, if you have a project requirement you are struggling to fulfil either because of lack of resource or perhaps a skills gap, and you don't want to commit to recruitment then see if we can help. Ben, (our chief geek), has a MEng in Computer Science from Bristol University and would be more than happy to discuss any requirements covering the following areas: Microservices Architecture, Service Fabric, Azure, C#, .Net Core, Asp.Net (MVC & API), Angular 6.0, Rabbit MQ, Azure Dev Ops, Azure Functions, Mongo Db, WCF, WPF, Agile Methodologies, SOLID, Entity Framework, Distributed System Architecture, BDD & TDD, Design Patterns, HTML5, Balsamiq, Nuget Packaging, Swagger, TFS, Git. All work completed will be developed in accordance with TDD and/or BDD to an agreed specification using modern design patterns and delivered as code and/or nuget packages to a git repository of your choice.